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Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology was originally founded in 1933 under the name of "Pedagogy and Psychology" at the Bukhara Pedagogical Institute, and the following scientists headed the department in different years:

M.Smolenskiy - Professor (1933-1935)

  1. Zaborsky - Professor (1935-1940)

V.P.Narishkin - Associate Professor (1941-1957)

A.Holmetov - associate professor (1958-1959)

SH Balabadze - Professor (1959-1974)

K.Zaripov - Professor (1974-1975).

Since 1979, the Department of "Pedagogy and Psychology" has been divided into the following special disciplines: Pedagogy and Psychology. After that, the head of the department of "Psychology" has been:

R.A.Tursunov - candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor (1979-1982)

 L.P. Khokhlova - candidate of psychological sciences, docent (1982-1988)

M.N.Usmanova - candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor (1989-1994).

In 1994-2004, the department involved in two directions: "Pedagogics and Psychology" and "Pedagogy and Psychology bases" under the faculty "Pedagogy and Physical Culture". Since 2004 it has been working at the faculty of "Pedagogy and physical culture" and later as a faculty of "Humanities" (nowadays history) and "Social economy" under the name of "Psychology".  Since then it has been headed by  Doctor of Psychology, Professor SHarif Ramazonovich Barotov. Since 2010 the chair has been called "Psychology and sociology". Starting from 2017, the Department of Sociology is separated and the Department is called "Psychology".

Currently, there are about 20 professors in this department.

At the department, the CPA of the Republic of Uzbekistan is authorized to conduct scientific methodological seminars on psychology and to give official reviews of dissertations as a leading organization.

At the department bachelors are trained  in the direction of 5100200 - psychology education and masters on the specialty of 5A310201 - General psychology, history of psychology.

There are over 40 disciplines in the bachelor's and master's degrees during one academic year. Including:

  1. General Psychology
  2. Experimental psychology and practice
  3. Social psychology
  4. Social training and practice
  5. Consultative psychology and psychocorrection
  6. Management psychology
  7. Psychology of mentality
  8. History of psychology
  9. Psychological phenomena and methodology
  10. Psychotherapy
  11. Medical psychology
  12. Work and Engineering Psychology.
  13. Testology
  14. Psychological views of Central Asian educators.
  15. Psychology of early ages
  16. Psycho diagnostics and experimental psychology.
  17. Family psychology
  18. Psychology teaching technique
  19. Psychological service
  20. Psychological data processing on the computer
  21. Legal psychology and others.

     In 2017-2018  academic year 1 doctor of science, professor (SH. R.Barotov), ​​5 candidates of psychological sciences (M.N.Usmanova, Sh.M.Ulug'ova, D.SH.Barotova, E.M.Mukhtorov, E.Z.Halimov ), 1 PhD in psychology (Sobirova D.A), associate professors, 6 senior teachers (R.R.Nematova, D.Bahmanova, G.B.Hudoykulova, L.Ya.Olimov, E.S.Eshov, O.R.Avezov) 8 teachers (U.M.Ro'ziev, A.M.Nazarov, SH.SH.Ostonov, J.SH.Ostonov, N.Z.Jumaev, G.Sh.Salomova, F. Ganjiev, D.Kadyrova) are involved in educational and scientific process of the department.

   The scientific potential of the department is 30% of the basic staff. The average age of the teaching staff of the department is 35 years.

Scientific research work is carried out on the basis of consumer requirements

Head of the Fund Grant for 2017-2018, candidate of psychological sciences, docent Mukhtorov Erkin Mustafayevich was  awarded by the Committee for Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Qualified athletes and pedagogical trainers a comprehensive introduction of innovative medical-biological, pedagogical and psychological technologies into the training system. " The grant is planned for 25,000,000 soums.

   The "Practice of Psychological Service in Different Groups of Population" has been fully implemented by the professors and teachers of the department in the direction of practical training of young scientists for 2016-2017 within the framework of the State Technical Programs. The project is worth 50,000,000 soums, and the research has been completed in a timely manner.

The main project of the department  "Psychological mechanisms of formation of national idea and ideological immunity " for 2017-2020 is being implemented. 130 million soums are being used.

According to the order of the rector of the Bukhara State University dated April 14, 2017, 277 members of the project are 11 people.

  1. SH.Barotov- Main Project Manager, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Head of the Department of Psychology, Professor
  2. H.H.Jabborov - Main Member of NUU, Senior Research Fellow, NPU Psychology Teacher
  3. D.Barotova - Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  4. D.Sh.Sobirova- Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  5. N.Z. Jumaev - teacher of the department of Psychology of the University
  6. A.M.Nazarov - Teacher of the Department of Psychology in Bukhara
  7. E.Muxtarov co-ordinator - associate professor of Psychology department of Bukhara State University

8.Z.Koraev's -  senior teacher of retraining and improvement of pedagogical staff

  1. G.G. Tulaganova - Associate Professor Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Ph.D.
  2. SH.Ostanov - Obstetrics - lecturer of Psychology Department of Bukhara State University
  3. D.Rakhmonova associate - senior lecturer of the Department of Psychology of Bukhara State Universit

Within the framework of the project 4 patents have been obtained. Electronic versions of existing psychological tests are created. Bukhara and Karshi provinces conduct research and issue their certificates.

In May 2018 the head of the project, professor SH.R.Barotov traveled to Turkey with a scientific tour. As a result of the visit, a cooperation agreement was signed with ANKARA and GAZI universities of Turkey.

In 2018, the Academy of International Psychology and Psychology Department signed a cooperation agreement.

The partnership has been established with all aspects of continuous education - preschool education, secondary general education, secondary special, vocational education and higher education institutions. For example, in cooperation  with  nursery schools № 41-61-67  in Bukhara, general secondary schools № 2-4-14-15-23-38, special (snow, dumb) № 123 , Bukhara pedagogical, oil and gas, medical colleges  pedagogical operations of students and scientific research are conducted. Cooperation with Bukhara engineering technology and medical institutes is underway.

The state of the new generation of textbooks, manuals by professors and teachers

As a result of the research carried out in the department, the Agency of Intellectual Property received 8 copyright certificates and published the following monographs and manuals.

- D.SH.Barotova. "Psychology of Children with Serious Crimes", Training manual, "Navruz" publishing house Tashkent. 2015.

- SH.R.Barotov, D. Kakharova. "Inclusive education." Training manual, "Navruz" publishing house Tashkent. 2017.

- G.Salomova. «Socio-psychological analysis of intercultural competence». Monographs. Fan publisher. Tashkent. 2017.

- U.S.Jumaev. "Socio-psychological peculiarities of formation of a choice of profession in adolescents". Monographs. "Navruz" publishing house Tashkent. 2017.

- D.SH.Barotova, L.Y.Olimov "Deviant Behavioral Psychology". Monographs. Durdona Publishing House in Bukhara 2017.

- SH.R.Barotov, X.J.Jabborov. "Mechanisms for the Formation of Ideological Immunity in the United States". Monographs. Durdona Publishing House in Bukhara 2017.

- L.Ya.Olimov, O.R.Avezov, E.Eshov. Teaching Guide "Deviant Behavioral Psychology". "Durdona" publishing house in Bukhara-2017.

- SH.Barotov, D. Barotova, M.Usmanova. "Psychological syllabus of education: from theory to practice". Educational-methodical manual. Bukhara "Durdona Publishing House" 2017.

- SH.M.Ulug'ova "Peculiarities of socio-psychological adaptation of women in marketing economy". Educational-methodical manual. Bukhara Durdona Publishing House 2016.

- L.Ya.Olimov. "Uruguay psychology". Educational manual. Durdona publishing house, Bukhara-2017.

- U.S.Jumaev, N.A.Bakhrieva. "Legal psychology". Educational manual. Durdona publishing house, Bukhara-2017.

- SH.Barotov, MNUsmanova, D.A.Barotova - "Psychological syllabus theory and practice". Educational manual. Bukhara - 2017

- "Psychological Service" by R. Barotov. Textbook. Bukhara – 2018


Practical implementation of scientific works, sources of financing:

  1. Intelligence monitoring system based on Raven testing Author's certificate DGU 04221 D.Sh.Barotova, D.Sobirova, JR.Amanov
  2. Test for the diagnosis of mental nerve sustainability Author's certificate DGU 05045 O.R.Avezov, I.SH.Sadullayev, Q.I.Jo'raev
  3. Methods of determination of degree of depression Author's certificate DGU 05051 B.H.Rajabov, D.Bahmanova, Q.I.Juraev
  4. Evaluation of their psychic status Authors' certificates DGU 04969 Eshov E., J. J. Atamuradov, FHHazratov
  5. Evaluation of contradictory situations - contradict.telebothost.uz Author's certificate DGU 05000 N.Z.Jumaev, R.H.Saygatov
  6. Anxiety and anxiety test Certificate of Autobiography DGU 05192 Q.I.Jurayev, FU.Karimova,
  7. Sattorov
  8. Diagnostics of personal relations Copyright Certificate DGU 05053 B.H.Rajabov, D.Bakhmanova, Q.I.Juraev
  9. Method of determination of degree of depression Author's certificate DGU 05052 B.H.Rajabov, D.Bahmanova, Q.I.Juraev

Psycho diagnostic methods are used in general secondary, secondary special and higher education, various enterprises and organizations, and forensic psychological expertise.

Written by the senior lecturer L.Y.Olimov, the monograph "Forensic Psychological Examination" is being used in the Psychological Service Center at the Department of "Psychological expertise of the court" appointed by the law enforcement agencies. The payment for the service is on the university account.

       In  total 190 students are studying in Psychology Education, of which 7  academic groups are equipped with state-of-the-art copyrights and video projectors. Three student groups  studying at the University are equipped with modern copiers and video projectors. The students of the 3 rd course are equipped with modern electronic boards, which allow them to use modern information technologies.

        There are 16 talented students in the department. Their scientific topics and their leaders are attached. The circle "Young Psychologist" has been created at the department, its annual plan is approved and the action plan is being prepared. Members of the team took part in the 2015 Psychology Olympiad and Chorieva Munis took the 3rd place, and in 2016 Haitova Hilola was the 4th prize winner. 2nd year Psychology student N.Sanakulova led by L.Ya.Olimov, published articles and thesis in 3 journals and 4 different conferences, D.Turaeva, D.Amonova, M.Nazarova, M.Ochilova , U.Nazarov and S.Hamrayev also participated in various conferences. 2nd year student M.Sanakulova took 2nd place in the contest "Orasta qizlar". 2nd year student M.Tilavov, M.Hamroev took honorable places at Republican and International sports tournaments in the Republic. S.Hamroyev regularly works with regional newspapers. Her collection of poems has been published.

In 2017, Sanoqulova Nigora was awarded the Navoiy State Prize

In 2018 Jalilov Hafiz was awarded the Navoiy State Prize

In 2018, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology D.Barotova won the "Best Scholar" contest.

In 2018 L.Ya.Olimov, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Psychology, is the winner of the Republican contest "Best pedagogue in mathematics".

Nowadays, one senior scientist is working on his doctoral dissertation. The department of psychology is scientifically and pedagogically effective.

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