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Department of labor education

About the department

             Department of Labor Education was founded in 1977. During this period, in various years the department was managed by prof. Ramezov J.R., doc. Nizomov B.I., docent. Halikov N.X., docent. Karimov I.G., senior teacher N.R.Rakhmatullayeva and they tried to increase department`s scientific and pedagogical potential and to strengthen its material and technical base as well. Since 2016 the department has been headed by PhD, docent. Sh.H. Guliyeva.

The department is collaborating with Physics and Technology Institute of  Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Research Institute of Mathematics, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, Karshi State University, Termez State University, Navoi State University, Nukus State Pedagogical Institute. Also, members of the department give methodological support to Bukhara Pedagogical Professional College,  Galaosiyo Pedagogical Professional College, Karakul Professional College of Economics, Romitan Pedagogical Professional College, Armechan College of Professional and Industrial Services. The members of the chair conduct qualitative internships at the secondary schools № 4, №17, №18 in Bukhara and provide methodological assistance to teachers of labor.

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  Head of the department: candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Guliyeva Shahnoza Halimovna

  Phone: (+99891) 2432723

  E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Educational trends and specializations of the department:

   Bachelors are trained in the direction of 5112100 - Labor education. The Russian group was established in 2018-2019. 147 students are  currently enrolled in this direction.

  Research activities of the department

    The research work carried out in the department in 2018 is devoted to the study of alternative energy sources in the national economy,      actual problems of labor training, and the use of alternative energy sources in the educational system.

  - Actual problems of teaching technology in secondary schools. Scientific supervisor: Sh.H.Quliyeva, M.N.Karimova.

- Use of alternative sources of energy in the national economy. Scientific supervisor: prof. S. Q. Qahhorov,  H.O.Juraev.

- Studying the use of alternative energy sources in the education system. Scientific supervisor: prof. S. Q. Qahhorov,  H.O.Jurayev.

              In 2018 members of the department published 1 monograph, 2 author's certificates, theses in 2 magazines, 13 international journals, 1 domestic magazine, more than 15 international and republican scientific-practical conferences. In the framework of the state scientific-technical programs, the members of the chair have been trained in the following themes: 1 fundamental direction F2-FA-0-83921 / F2-FA-F0383 "About scientific – research work on strong co relevant interactions of superconductors, magnetic materials and their calculations in critical parameters" , one practical case on A-13-3, "Research on Further Improvement of Renewable Energy Sources and Modeling Processes", as well as YoA-4-001 "Phototransistors" Structures within the Program of Academic Mobility of Young Scientists on the basis of the project "Creation of sensors for recording of solar light flow".

      The effectiveness of the department is reflected in the results of individual research works carried out by the pedagogical staff of the department, as well as published scientific, practical and methodical articles published in the appendix. Scientific and methodological works published on the scientific results of the department, as well as in the reports received in the received patents and conferences. In 2018 theses were published in 1 monograph, 2 copyright certificates, 2 magazines, 13 international journals, 1 local magazine, more than 15 international and republican scientific-practical conferences. .

       The senior teacher of the department M.K.Karimova received the author's certificate on "Service". Certificate No. DGU 05173.

       The senior teacher of the department A.Turayev received the author's certificate on the subject "Study of materials and constructive materials". Certificate No. DGU 05174.

       Associate Professor Sh.H.Quliyeva has published the textbook on "The service of technology" in the direction of "Characteristic features of organizations dealing with technologies" (6th class) "Service" (6 class).

       The senior teacher of the department A.Turayev published the monograph "New generation sensors sensitive to outer influence (on the sample of temperature)".

         Teacher of the department A.Murtazoyev published a textbook on "Technical Mechanics".

      Senior lecturer of the department of Physics of Semiconductors A.O. Turayev successfully defended PhD dissertation on the direction 01.04.10 - Physics and Mathematics on June 18, 2018.

     On the specialty 13.00.02 - "Theory and methodology of education and training", a docent of the department H.O.Juraev conducts scientific research on the subject "Using alternative energy sources in the creation of an integrated media system".

      Teacher of the department A.Djurayev is conducting scientific research on the theory and methodology of teaching.

     Senior lecturer of the department A.Turayev won the 2nd place in the Republican contest of INNO WEEK on October 23-26, 2018 in technical sciences.

     The members of the department are working on the economic bargaining for 2018-2019 with the Bukhara regional department of public education. Associate Professor H.O.Jurayev, docent. In collaboration with T.Jurayev, the TEMPUS program is conducting scientific research in the framework of the international grant project INOCAST. At the department 5 gifted students are involved in scientific research. During the last 3 years, more than 10 scientific papers have been published in scientific magazines.

Disciplines in the department

  1. Materials and constructive materials
  2. Labor safety in teaching technology
  3. Practice of Technological Education
  4. Alternative energy sources in the educational system
  5. Technical Mechanics
  6. Technology and design
  7. Electrotechnics, radio engineering and electronics
  8. Service
  9. Orientation to professional activity
  10. Folk craft
  11. Technical creativity and design
  12. Fundamentals of Vehicle
  13. Methodology of training of the teacher training
  14. Heat and heat engineering
  15. Professional pedagogy
  16. Clothing design and modeling
  17. Orientation to professional work
  18. Basics of Vehicle

19.Basics of management, automation and robotics

Professors and teachers of the department:

  1. Quliyeva Shahnoza Halimovna - candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent
  2. Jo'rayev Husniddin Oltinboyevich - candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent
  3. Turayeva O'lmasoy Farmonovna - candidate of technical sciences, docent
  4. Karimova Mahbuba Nutfullayevna - senior teacher
  5. Turayev Akmal Atoyevich - senior lecturer, f.-mf.d. (PhD)
  6. Jo'rayev Akmal Razzokovich - teacher
  7. Jamilov Yusuf Yunusovich - the supervisor
  8. Murtozoev Azizbek Nusrat ugli is a lecturer
  9. Sadykova Aziza Hayitovna – teacher

Laboratory and educational workshops of the department

Technical Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering and Electronics, Mechanization, Automation and Robotics Principles, Methodology and Occupational Training, Hydraulics and Heat Techniques, Technology of Material and Construction Materials, Service, Technology and Design Laboratory rooms. The Technology Education Practice (Woodworking and Metal Processing), Technology Education Practice (sewing and cooking) workshops.


Address of the Department: Bukhara city, K.Murtazoyev street, 16.

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