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History of the department

The department was founded in 1968 and was called the Foreign Languages department. Senior teacher Sultonov was the first head of the department. In 1980-1986, the head of the department was Associate Professor Z.B.Toshev. From 1986 to 1992 the docent G.N.Zikrillaev, in 1992-1995, associate professor S.Azimov and in 1998-2000 docent M.Sulaymonov headed the department periodically.

History of department

1.1.1. The history of French philology department

  • Under Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute, French language department was organized in 1969.
  • Till 1982 O.T. Turniyozov worked as a manager.
  • From 1992’s September till 1996’s august French and German department worked together.
  • In 1996 on the first of September French language department reorganized. Assistant professor N.B. Bakayev was appointed as the manager of department
  • In 2001-2008 PhD, an assistant professor R.R. Bobokalonov worked as a manager.
  • In 2008 -2011 years the department was ruled by N.B. Baqqoyev.
  • In 2011’s June till 2012’s February French language teacher Ganiyev Fazliddin Zoirovich worked as a deputy manager.
  • In 2012-2017 high French teacher O. Adizova worked as a manager.
  • From 2017’s May the doctor of philology M.M. Jo’rayeva is working as the manager of department.

The history of English linguistics department

The chair was founded in 1962 under the name "Foreign languages ​​chair".

* In 1967, the department of English was organized and was headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent YVGulkarov.

* In 1967, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​began to function as an independent faculty and English, German and French departments were established.

* In 1988-2000, this department was renamed into English Philology Department.

Since 2000, the Department of English Language has been divided into two parts: English Stylistics and Literature (Head of the Department: M. Baghiyeva) and English Linguistics (Head of the Department: Ph.D.M.X.Alimova)

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